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Site Access / Council Submission

Key points to consider when choosing your pool location.

Key points to consider when choosing the potential location of a pool.

If the pool is to be placed at the front of the property a Development Application (DA) submission to council would be required.

Pools at the rear or side of a property would be a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) submission to council.

Guidelines we adhere to for a CDC application –

  • Pool to be at least 1 metre from the side or rear boundary
  • Pool to be no more than 600mm out of the ground at the lowest point
  • Pool to have a Max limit of 25m2 of decking

If you choose to alternate any of the above a DA submission will need to be made instead of a CDC

To enable excavation/soil removal for the pool at least 2 metres minimum access is required. This is suitable for at least a 3.5 tonne excavator and bobcat and tipper truck.

Excavation for a pool is not recommended with a small excavator and/or bobcat (1.5 metres or under).

If a pool is to be located at the rear of the property either vacant blocks at the side or rear or acreage are suitable for crane access.

High voltage overhead lines (HVOHL) on the street or a radius of more than 35 metres from the street to the pool location are not suitable for lifting the pools.

This photo shows a great access site.

This block has no access at the front, side or rear, furthermore, the radius from the street to the rear of the house is too great for the Plungie.