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Supply & Install Only Plungie Pool To New Home Builds

You may have recently bought a block of land and are awaiting your builder to construct your new home. We can supply & install your new Plungie before your home is built and it can be completed and certified once your home is complete.

Design & Concept

EastCoast Pools & Outdoor Living can help your or our ideas be visualised for either your own approval and or council & or certification requirements. Things to consider can be a matter of personal choice or a “must” if needing a DA application to council.

​Designing can be as simple as a basic line draw from current plans you might have or right up to architects’ drawings with 3D modelling.

​Our staff can talk to you to assess your needs or personal choices and decide which design options are right for you.

Pool & Outdoor Approvals

To begin work you will first need “building certification”.

​With the right partner, pool compliance can be a relatively easy process. EastCoast Pools & Outdoor Living provide support and processing services to make these otherwise difficult processes easy.

On the mid north coast there are 2 main ways.

​Either you are lucky to have “CDC” or Comply Development Certification, which means you have basic standards that fit a specific “pre-approval” and therefore not needing direct council processing to approve, however, it still will required certification via a private certifier.

Alternatively, you will require “DA” Development application, which will require a full submission to the council for approval.

CDC is usually quicker and cheaper, however, don’t sacrifice time for the overall best result.

Excavation & Pool Installation

Installing Plungie pools is a game-changer in the marketplace when it comes to a reduction in building time onsite. Fiberglass or insitu pools can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for excavation and concrete shell in place. Whereas from initial set-out to excavation, pour of concrete slab and installation of Plungie with crane adds up to about 4 days in total – You can enjoy your pool in days, not months.

Outdoor Living Area

To compliment your new Plungie and as licensed builders, we are able to build your entertainment around your pool. Decking, tiles, pavers as surrounds. Perhaps you desire a pool-house, pergola, or cabana, we can do it all. You may simply want a pool initially but it’s worth planning for more in case you decide to do it now or later. To compliment the look of your new Plungie you have the option of aluminum fencing or glass pool fencing which is the ideal way to finish it off for that seamless outdoor look.


When a new swimming pool is installed on a residential property, having the landscaping redone is essential for a sleek completed look. Having landscaping done will provide your backyard with a cohesive look as though the swimming pool was there all along. If you don’t have the time or the skills to do this yourself, we can help. We offer pool landscaping services so that you can have your pool looking its best.

Final Step Certification

The most exciting part of the completion of your pool and outdoor living space is the final certification so you can SWIM. Your Poolwerx technician will carry out a final plumb up including chemicals and balancing of the pool. They will then do a handover service to you the client. Your final certification will then be completed for your pool and safety glass to satisfy council requirements.