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Kick back, relax, and enjoy dipping. Trust us for the best swimming pool construction in Coffs Harbour.

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Extensive Pool Designs
  • Authorised Plungie Dealer
  • Innovative & Dynamic Approach
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What we Offer

Design & Concept

Our professional team helps visualise your ideas for your own approval and/or certification for your pool. We assess your property and recommend some amazing pool designs.

Excavation & Installation

Site preparation is a crucial aspect. Our specialised team begins with the installation process by cleaning the complete outdoor area and pouring concrete slab attentively, ensuring quality work.

Outdoor Decoration

To complement your new Plungie, we’re able to build an entertainment center around your pool. Decking, tiles, & pavers, this team of seasoned pool builders can do it all for you without any hassle.

Trust us for Seamless Swimming Pool Installation in Coffs Harbour

Trust us for Seamless Swimming Pool Installation in Coffs Harbour

We are award-winning precast concrete plunge pool installers in Coffs Harbour. We bring the first of the fastest, easiest, and highest quality concrete pools to the market.

  • Experienced & licensed pool installers
  • Expert support for your pool
  • Turnkey solutions for your outdoor space
  • Transform your outdoor living area into a stunning oasis
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Get your Dream Swimming Pool Installed by the Experts in Port Macquarie

Plungie’s unique pool designs and our quick installation services enable us to stand apart in the market.

We are detail-oriented and strive to keep you satisfied with our installation services.

Now spend quality time with your loved ones in your outdoor area. We ensure:

  • A uniquely designed swimming pool at the best value
  • An aesthetically impressive outdoor space
  • An appreciated home value
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Get your Dream Swimming Pool Installed by the Experts in Port Macquarie
Pool Installation Experts in Port Macquarie Take Charge

Let our Pool Installation Experts in Port Macquarie Take Charge

Our team is renowned for working collaboratively with our customers. We ensure to satisfy your needs and create a dream outdoor living area.

Bank on us for quick installation, maintenance and first class customer service.

  • Get the best workmanship at a great price
  • Get all type of Plungie pool installation in Port Macquarie
  • Get complete support throughout the process
  • Get the work done within the agreed timeframe

What sets us Apart


We ensure that you get high-quality swimming pool services without burning a hole in your pocket.


We not only install pools at your residence but also provide maintenance & servicing.

Responsive Team

We are the #1 choice among our customers for responsiveness and assurance that we offer.

Unique Approach

We have an innovative approach and you will experience the same in our offerings.

On-time Delivery

We are renowned for installing the pool in your backyard within the agreed timeframe with utmost professionalism.

Meticulous to Details

Our highly experienced team is meticulous about little details that enable us to install the pools with utmost perfection.

Customer Satisfaction

For us, customer satisfaction is a priority. And we thrive on the set objective that the customer is everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install the swimming pool in my under-construction home in Port Macquarie?

Yes, we can do that. All you need to do is give us a call at 0404 770 874, we’ll share a quote and be at your doorstep with an excavated concrete pool slab.

How do I choose the right swimming pool design for my outdoor area?

It depends on several factors such as:

  • Understand your usage, the view and explore the available options
  • Pick a design that fits in the shape of your outdoor space
  • Make sure the pool matches your home’s style
  • Don’t forget fencing your pool with the right material
  • Choose your deck wisely

Also, you can hire our experts who can guide and recommend the best designs. Please feel free to call us at 0404 770 874.

What’s the right time to install a swimming pool?

In our opinion, you should install the swimming pool during the winter season (before or after New Year) in Port Macquarie.

How long does it take to install a rooftop swimming pool?

Regardless of whether it’s a fully-inground, fully-above ground or a rooftop swimming pool, we take a maximum of one week to get the pool installed.