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It is no doubt that Plungie® is a popular option for families in Port Macquarie wanting to have a swimming pool at home. Plungie® is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete plunge pools offering highest quality in the market today.

Plunge pools give the perfect space to relax and enjoy the water especially during summer. Although a plunge pool is smaller than the typical swimming pool, it has several advantages that most families consider for installation.

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Plunge pool installation in Port Macquarie is becoming common because of its benefits including a spacious area to seat, rest and unwind. So, if you’re planning to have a plunge pool in your house, you need to know the type that will be best for your needs and space.

Elevate your Port Macquarie home by installing a plunge pool in the garden area or backyard. Read on to find out more about the benefits of plunge pool installation.


Why Choose a Plunge Pool?

“Plunge pools are more efficient to heat but require less water and electricity compared to regular swimming pools.”

Ideal for Small Spaces and Backyards

Plunge pool is a space saving option. It is a wonderful solution for those people wanting to get a pool but has limited space at home. It takes up less space than a regular swimming pool so it will fit in your garden area or backyard.

Sure, you don’t need a huge space to get unlimited fun and relaxation in your small garden or backyard. Having a Plungie® pool is stylish and proves the possibility to experience luxury at your home.

Happy You, Healthy You!

Plunge pools could be your source of happiness!

Bringing joy and fun to families is one of the great benefits of a plunge pool. It gives you the perfect space for relaxation and ensures safety especially during the pandemic. Installing a plunge pool with water jet spa for massage is another awesome idea to help improve your physical health and mental well-being.

After a long and busy day, you can soak yourself in the water to relax and unwind. Although smaller than the usual pools, you can still swim and exercise in a plunge pool.

It’s Eco-Friendly and Low Maintenance!

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient as it is, a plunge pool requires less water and electricity than a full-sized pool. This makes it more affordable to run, clean and maintain.

Pool cleaning is a must, but most people don’t really enjoy it. Smaller sized pools like Plungie® are cost-effective and timesaving when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.


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Make your dream of having a swimming pool come true!

With so many benefits of getting a plunge pool installed in your house, it is important that you only hire a professional pool builder for the design and construction. Plungie® is an innovative solution that you may consider over a traditional concrete pool because of its available sizes and highly engineered finish.

East Coast Pools & Outdoor Living specialises in Plungie® pool installation in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and surrounding areas. We are your local pool specialist who can provide customised design options and install high-quality plunge pools at your home. With 30+ years of residential pool construction in Sydney and the mid-north coast, we pride ourselves in providing great pool building expertise to our clients.

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