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Having your own swimming pool is a dream come true. And for homeowners with limited space, installing a plunge pool is a great option for their garden or backyard. You only need to decide on the pool brand and look for design ideas to fully transform your backyard into an amazing place for retreat and relaxation!

Plunge pool is a perfect choice for modern homes since you can squeeze it into a tiny space or even in a small backyard. YES, it can fit in the garden or even in your small yard. You only need to pick the right materials and design of plunge pool that will fit to your budget and style. Plungie® is one of the innovations you can trust to replace a traditional swimming pool in your home.


Plungie® And The Perfect Backyard Pool Ideas



Limited Space with Limitless Designs

Plunge pools are more affordable than the usual family pool. They come in different sizes that should fit to your space and match with your style. But having a limited space at your home is never a challenge with limitless designs in mind.

For awesome features and great ideas with your plunge pool installation project, come to Pinterest!

You may also browse FB or Instagram to get inspirations for sleek, modern plunge pools that fit your backyard. Remember, you can get limitless pool design ideas and masterpieces from social media!

Creating Dramatic Impact Through Lighting

There are critical elements that you need to incorporate when installing a plunge pool. If you want to transform your backyard or garden with a plunge pool, lighting is one of the best tools to add drama.

Lights create mood, contrast and attitude. If you want to make a dramatic impact, adding LED lights will surely give the illuminating effect for your swimming pool and around the area.

Private, But Not A Secret!

Creating privacy and finding a hidden gem, all with a plunge pool!

By adding a small pool in the backyard, you can transform the place into an oasis! Rock formations, lush green plants and poolside seats can be privacy barriers. You can also add waterfalls, fountains or water features to produce a relaxing sound. With this tropical resort-like backyard, it will surely make you want the place as private and be kept as your forever secret!


Hire a Trusted Pool Contractor in Port Macquarie, NSW

Your local pool contractor will take the big part of fulfilling your dream poolscape. It is important that you only choose someone or a pool builder that specialises in designing and building small swimming pools. 

If you wish to install a plunge pool in your backyard, make sure that you only hire a licensed swimming pool builder. East Coast Pools and Outdoor Living is an official authorised Plungie® dealer and professional pool installer in Port Macquarie and in the Mid North Coast. Whether it’s a new block, an existing home or just an extension where you want to place a Plungie®, contact us at (02) 6585 7707 or use our online form to send us a question or request for a free quote on plunge pool installation.