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One of the best parts of growing up – or owning your own home – is adding a swimming pool to relax on hot days, entertain guests, and keep up with fitness and mobility. Swimming pools not only add real value to your home but can add excitement and make an already cosy home into something you’ll cherish forever. But how does a family choose the best swimming pool for their Newcastle home? What questions to ask from a Newcastle pool builder before hiring them for a swimming pool construction project?

We’ve put together a guide to help you make an informed, cost-effective, and great decision.


How do I choose a good swimming pool design?

The design options for good swimming pools are almost endless – it all depends on your personal tastes and how you want the swimming pool to function. A round swimming pool is good for entertainment and can create a centrepiece for outdoor relaxation and recreation. A rectangular pool is more functional and takes maximum advantage of space, especially if you have a smaller backyard or outdoor area.

You’ll also have to look at the aesthetics – what colour tiles or concreting do you prefer? What colours match the exterior of the house and existing outdoor area?

When considering a good swimming pool design, you also need to consider proportions – don’t let the pool dominate an area and have a good balance of scale. You also need to think about where to position the pool – do you want your pool placed as close to your home as possible or a bit further out? Will it form a larger outdoor living area such as a deck? Can it accommodate a 1.2m high pool barrier?

As a general rule, you should keep the pool at least 1m off the boundary to avoid property protection works to protect neighbouring assets.


What’s a good-sized pool for a family?

A good-sized pool for a family is any size that they feel comfortable with. Plunge pools come in a variety of sizes from 3.5m in diameter to 6m by 3m. All Plungie pools have an internal height of 1.59m, which is deep enough for both adults and children.


Can a smaller home or space accommodate a swimming pool?

Almost always – yes. Unless you have almost no backyard space, your home could easily accommodate a smaller plunge pool. Though it may restrict some of the more functional benefits of a larger pool, such as doing full laps, it will still be good for splashing about, relaxing on summer days, or giving kids reign of the pool to have a bit of fun whenever it strikes their fancy. If in doubt, consult one of our friendly swimming pool builders to get a site evaluation first.


Can a swimming pool be the feature of an outdoor living area?

Absolutely – a swimming pool can be the feature of an outdoor living or entertaining area with decking, tiling, or other outdoor furniture placed near the pool for the ultimate in aesthetics and entertainment. You can really transform your backyard into a paradise by using a swimming pool as a centreHow to choose the best swimming pool design for your home in Newcastle, NSW? Contact us today, we’re ready to discuss your pool construction project.piece for leafy green landscaping and natural woods in your decking.

When should I get a pool installed in Newcastle?

You can install a pool any time, but we recommend you install your pool during the winter months, as there is less demand. It takes about eight to twelve weeks to build a swim-ready swimming pool in your home. This includes getting a detailed quotation, local council approval, site preparation, and installation of pool surrounds.

How much does it cost to install a pool in Newcastle?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide exact figures without discussing the site where you intend your pool to be installed, the surrounds you’re looking for, and the materials you’d prefer for the pool.

We do recommend that you consult one of our professional and expert pool builders based in Newcastle to determine what is required to install a pool, and what size may be best for the space you have.

Remember – never skimp on using an unlicenced or unticketed pool builder or installer. This could cost you dearly if things go wrong – and they have a high chance of doing the job incorrectly. Only use a licenced swimming pool builder like one of the team at East Coast Pools & Outdoor Living.

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