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Plungie Pool Mediterranean Blue

Plungie Pool Installation – Mediterranean Blue

Building a new home should be simple, specific and fulfilling. So, if you’re planning to construct a new house, make sure it is well-planned for your family to enjoy it today and in the future. 

Many people are dreaming of having a swimming pool so you might consider incorporating it in your design plan. Sometimes, people dismiss the idea of having their own swimming pool due to space and cost. They thought that it could be impossible to add a pool in a property with limited space and the overall cost of installation is very pricey. The truth is, having your own swimming pool isn’t always overpriced.

If you are in the initial stage of a new house construction, adding a swimming pool in your house plan makes sense. A smaller alternative like a plunge pool is a great option. You can choose a Plungie pool for faster and easier installation. Plungie® is the biggest supplier of high-quality concrete plunge pools in Australia. 

Here’s a few good reasons on why you should include a Plungie pool installation from the start of the project.


Top 3 Benefits of Including a Swimming Pool in Your Design Plan

Plungie Max Stones Corner

Plungie Max Stones Corner

Most homeowners decide to install a pool in their house years after it is built. But incorporating a pool in your house design plan has many benefits and less hassle especially for small swimming pools like Plungie. Here are few of those advantages:

Time Saver. Plungie pool can be installed in your backyard, garden or even indoor if you want! Allocating a space for a Plungie pool in your design plan is ideal especially if you think of adding one in the future. It can save you time in planning, excavation, and landscaping. Everything will be set for you and your family when the time comes that you decide to install a pool. 

Money Saver. It will save you money if you have your pool installed during construction of your house. But for those who are planning to get their own swimming pool in the next years to come, including a space for your future swimming pool area is more practical. Also, you can avoid any issues with gas lines, utilities, tree roots or any other hindrances that may turn up when you install a pool in the future. 

Design Options. If you’re planning to get a swimming pool later on, it is better to add it when drafting a house plan. You’ll get enough room for a pool and it will be easier for you to decide on design, size and shape.


Our Plungie Pool Installation Service

East Coast Pools and Outdoor Living

Adding a swimming pool is a huge decision and you couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to its small size, it can be installed in just a couple weeks. Thus, for homeowners who have limited space, installing a plunge pool is the best choice.

East Coast Pools and Outdoor Living can help you with Plungie pool installation in Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of Plungie swimming pool designs for your outdoor area. No matter whether you have a small backyard or a big one, we can offer different pool designs that suit your taste and budget.