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What water exercises and activities can you do in a plunge pool to keep you fit and healthy?

More than a beautiful addition to your home, a plunge pool is a great option for anyone who loves exercise, leisure and relaxation. Yes, there are various activities you can do with a plunge pool – things that you can enjoy and exercises to help you get fit without leaving your comfort zone!


5 Activities You Can Perform in a Plunge Pool

Maximize the fun and enjoyment with your swimming pool! Try these simple and fun plunge pool exercises to improve your agility, flexibility and balance.


plunge pool is great for water exercise


Water Walking or Jogging

Simple things first. You can start walking or jogging in the water for at least 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. Taking a few steps forward and backward seems so easy to perform in a plunge pool but the benefits are huge!

If you want to make it more interesting and a bit challenging, you can increase your speed and intensity, more like jogging.


Water Aerobics

Since you can’t do swimming laps with a plunge pool, water aerobics is the best alternative. Water aerobics and cardio exercises are great and safe for all ages. These exercises are effective for burning calories, weight loss and resistance training.

You can perform this for 30 minutes using a ball or a kickboard.


Arm Circling Exercise 

Adding arm exercise while you are soaked in the water is also fun and effective! Stretch your arms to shoulder height and rotate them in small circles forwards while doing some high knee lifts.

Do it 30 seconds to 1 minute for each direction (forward and backward) at moderate speed.


Foam Dumbbell Workout

Workout is more fun at the pool with some equipment! 

Use water dumbbells or foam weights to help you burn fats and calories. This can also strengthen your muscles depending on your movement. You can do the biceps curls and flies or the triceps push and karate punch with these weights.


One-Legged Balance

This form of aqua exercise can help improve your balance and coordination.

Stand on a pool noodle with one leg, use the right leg first. Then lift your left leg up in front of you and remain in that position for 30 seconds. Switch and do it again with another leg. 

Easy? With so much fun!


Taking Your Workout Routine in a Plunge!

No need to go to a spa or leisure centre to do your aqua fitness workouts! And you can even perform it almost every day at your home if you like. 

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